Of birthdays and sun and American football

28 Sep

So, I have to apologise. I’ve been actively avoiding writing this blog, because the longer it grew since the last post, the more I had to write about, and the more I didn’t have the energy to sit down and plonk through it! I know myself, and I know that I’ll try and describe every little detail… and since it’s now been a month since I last wrote that would take a while. But I’ve finally got myself together, and I’ll try and give a brief overview of the last month, and hope that I’ll be inspired enough not to leave this for another month!

While life has slowed down a little up here, there’s still quite a lot to write about. We had a lovely sunny Labor Day at Spencer’s place, with a BBQ and music provided by Lucas and Bryan. Pictures are up from that on both facebook and Flickr. It was a wonderful first experience of an American public holiday! There was one mad night out involving rather a lot of alcohol, quite a few nights of pizza, lots of pool and beer at the Depot on campus, kids fashion shows, American football games, and a reasonable amount of sun. The university is a hive of activity and music, a couple of times a week at least there will be a D.J or a band playing in the quad in the middle of campus at lunchtime. I don’t think about the hills any more, mostly because I’ve surprised even myself, and started going to the gym! They also have a climbing wall, which I just got my belay license for, and have been going to with the guys from upstairs and Danielle. At three dollars to rent out the equipment it’s not bad, but I do wish I had the spare cash to be buying my own equipment, because there is meant to be some mad climbing in the area, and I’d love to try out my (poor) skills away from the rock wall… when I get a little more upper body strength! Seriously, it’s slightly embarrassing how weak I am!

Next thing, American football… what can I say. I don’t get the impression that the Humboldt team is amazing (they lost the game I saw), and it’s a pretty small university, but still… it has to be one of the longest games (aside from cricket!) that I’ve ever watched, and I had no idea what was happening for most of the time! The quarters are actually only 15mins long, but they stop the clock about a thousand times, and the teams (comprising of about 100 guys standing on the side for each!!) swap around so many times on the field, that it takes about half an hour for 3 minutes of actual play… and I’m being serious. Still, it was an essential American experience, and worth it even if only for the absolutely mad (literally) marching band, who’s half time performance was a comedic skit with bits of music, and the most crazy conductor in the world!

I ran a little kids fashion show a few weekends ago at a museum in Eureka, which was mad but fun. I’m supposed to be doing some Public Relations work for this museum, but Rebecca was short on helpers, and I ended up spending a Saturday afternoon organising little kids, and then standing at the door sending them out at the right time! Manic, and very unexpected, but a good way to get more involved in the community and meet more people.

Classes are going well, and I seem to be rocking all the assignments… I’m on about a 98% average at the moment. This is likely to change when exams come around, but so far so good! For my PR class, this is mostly because its an intro to PR, and if any of my lecturers back at Charles Sturt has seen the report I handed in last Friday and got an A on, they would have torn it apart, I know. For the other classes, I’m not completely understanding why I’m doing so well, but I’m not complaining! Its not that much work, and I’m enjoying all the classes apart from the PR one, so I think I consider the academic side a success! The only problem is that I can’t help but feel that I might end up being behind by Australian standards by the time I get back to CSU… but I’ll just have to see. It’s a little late to be worrying now!

It still mostly sunny here, though the weather is getting noticeably colder. I’m just glad the months of rain they were predicting haven’t yet arrived! I feel like I’ve almost had my fill of sunny Arcata, and that if the clouds arrived tomorrow and didn’t leave till I did, I wouldn’t be too upset… well, maybe a little! But it really has been beautiful, the country around here is lovely. Last weekend we had the Arcata Fair, where the plaza was completely blocked off and more and more stalls set up, with local arts and crafts. I went both on the Saturday and the Sunday because I loved it so much, and was very restrained and only bought presents for other people. I gave myself a pat on the back for that! Though it does have to be said that that restraint went down the drain today, and I am grounding myself for the next two weeks, because I’ve now blown my budget for those weeks!

Oh, and finally, in the most exciting news of all, I am finally legal (again) in America! Yes, I did indeed hit the grand age of 21 on Wednesday. It was a lovely sunny day where I wandered around to my few classes, and then had dinner with some friends later that evening in Arcata. After that (considering that the majority of the people at the dinner couldn’t come down to the pub with me to continue celebrating – this 21 drinking age is annoying on more than one level), we continued to celebrate at Spencer’s place until the early hours of the morning. I had a very good birthday, and thanks to everyone who wished me well in emails and on facebook… I loved having my birthday go for nearly two days, from when I hit 21 in Australia till midnight in America!

I promise that I’ll try to not leave it as long until the next blog… I really do enjoy writing this thing, it gives me a great way to reflect, and it will be awesome to look back on. So it really shouldn’t be that long until I write again! Hope everyone is well back home or wherever you are reading this from, and still missing you like crazy!

Much love,



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