A life beginning and a life ending

16 Nov

Today has been the strangest mix of complete sadness and overwhelming happiness. Within an hour I was mourning the loss of my family’s beautiful bird Maya, and celebrating the arrival of my niece.

When I got the phone call from Australia today, I was so excited, knowing that my sister in law Mareti had gone into labor the day before, and this was likely to be the call telling me that my niece had been born. But I didn’t expect my dad’s sad voice on the end of the phone, telling me that he had bad news.

He then passed me on to my mum, who told me that about 15 minutes before Maya had died in her arms. This was my beautiful cockatoo, so full of life, such a personality. She shivered when you stroked her, said hello, talked to you meaningless garble. She screeched when you ignored her, yearned after any male who walked into the room, was a complete flirt. We rescued her over 10 years ago, and has been such a personality in our house since then. She was meant to live till she was 80, be there my whole life. And yet my mum was on the phone with her lifeless body in her hands describing her sudden death. I just can’t believe that she’s actually gone.

Half an hour later my parents and brother buried Maya while I was on the phone, and then dad told me that Mareti just gave birth to a healthy baby girl in England, after 30+ hours in labor. This is so wonderfully exciting, the most amazing news in the world, I am an aunt again and my brother and his wife have a child.

It feels ridiculous to be crying over some bird when new human life has just come into the world. But I can’t help but cry, because Maya was more than just a bird. Anyone who came into our home knew that, she was part of our family. So while celebrating a new member, I can’t help but mourn that another part of our family will never be around again. I feel very far away at the moment.


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