Traveling again!

24 Nov

And suddenly, I’m out of Arcata! Thanksgiving break couldn’t have come quick enough, after 13 straight weeks of uni you could almost feel the desperation in the air. In all classes attendance dropped to about half in the last few days, and even I skipped a few. It’s been a hectic two months since I last properly updated this thing, as much as things can be hectic in the very much laid back town of Arcata. Assignments seemed to be weeks away, then would suddenly spring up the next day. Homework that should have been simple became hard, and while I had/have the laziest schedule in the world, I never seemed to have enough time to do all the things I wanted to do. It has to be admitted, life was never that hard that quite a few nights weren’t spent in the bar, and I have played enough pool in the last two months that I actually have started to be able to make a few intended shots… shocking for those of you who have seen me try to play before. I’m starting to feel like I’m really settling into the campus and the town, and the way that time is rushing by shocks me every time I realise that’s another week closer to the date I’m leaving the US. In fact, while rushing around this last week finishing up everything before the Thanksgiving break, I realised that when I get back, I’ve only got 3 weeks left in Arcata! When did I go from counting in months to counting in weeks???

It feels like an appropriate time to start writing in the blog again, since I’m on the road for this week and so traveling once more. That’s discounting the previous sad/happy post which was really just a overspill of emotions that shouldn’t have even been posted on the net and will likely be deleted soon. Or I need to talk to someone who knows blogger better and can tell me how to make a post private! Anyways, the point of this is that I’m currently in Pacifica, about 15 minutes south of San Francisco. It’s been a great two days, amazingly balmy sunny weather for nearly December, its cold and misty at night, but almost no sign during the day of the fog that San Francisco and the area is famous for… and I’m thankful! Spencer dropped us off on Friday on his way down to Orange County (by the way, driving down through Northern California is very beautiful!) and Anna and I spent yesterday and today making full use of not being in a small country town any more, and shopped. Saddly both of us are becoming strapped of cash near the end of the year and I’m coming to the end of my savings, but we’re still managing to have fun while constantly lamenting the lack of funds. I’ve reasoned with myself that a warm hoodie is a worthwhile purchase, and kept myself from the large shoe sales going on in most of the department stores. Problem is that I can reason myself into buying quite a lot of stuff because I do actually need a few things, but again… funds prevent. I’m staying for these few nights with Anna’s old host family (she was an exchange student in high school also) who are lovely, and we went to the San Francisco International Auto show this morning with them. It was pretty fun getting to look at all the 2009 models of cars, sitting in an Audi A5 and a HUGE Dodge Ram just to mention a few. But almost my favourite part was the small exhibition of beautifully redone classic cars… my dad’s influence. I’m loving spending more time in San Francisco, it’s a beautiful city and the fact that I’d have to stop here to get to Arcata was one of my main reasons for choosing Humboldt, and I’m so glad I’ve had these few days and then again probably a few days before I fly out!

Next in the plans for this week is a 12 hour train journey on Tuesday down the coast, and then the last 4 nights with Spencer’s family past LA, where I’ll get a look into the O.C lifestyle. Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday with his whole family should be a truly American experience 😛 I was also hoping to catch some properly warm weather and maybe even some beach, but the weather forecast looks gloomy for those few days, so I may be disappointed. Then driving back up on Saturday to get ready for the final crazy weeks of semester. I’m really looking forward to the UK, especially after seeing the pictures of my beautiful new niece (probably called Kita, but haven’t heard for sure yet). I’m sad to be going into the countdown to leave Humboldt, because I’ve so much enjoyed living there, but at the same time I just can not wait to get home! Everything is just flying by so fast, I don’t feel like I’ve got time to properly take everything in. A month on Tuesday till I fly out, then two weeks in the UK, then I’m back in Australia… crazy stuff.

I hope to keep this updated more, especially going into traveling and leaving again, but I can’t promise… I just seem to have to write when the urge gets to me! Currently its 1am and I should be asleep, so who knows when the next time will be 😛 but till then…



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