Hi again

20 Mar

So I’m back in the wonderful town of Bathurst, where life is always moving at a fast pace… hmmm. Getting back into the swing of life and uni here has been interesting… different from last year cause quite a few things changed while I was overseas, but still good. I’m finding myself with a lot of spare time on my hands, probably to do with not being in a relationship any more, a new experience for Bathurst. I have found myself a job, working in a bar just out of the main part of Bathurst, which suits me to the ground. Probably not the best hours in the world, but I’m not working those 3am mornings which are currently killing my two flatmates who work at the local Irish pub. My two flatmates are wonderful, Annabel who I lived with last year, and Jacquie, who works with Annabel at the previously mentioned pub. Our house is beautiful and old and I’m loving having a double bed in a proper place! Not missing the insomnia filled nights in that horrible plastic covered dorm bed at Humboldt.

Uni is back to its old pace of stressing the day before an assignment is due, but not doing much else all the rest of the time. There is the added stress this year of the fact that we’re all looking for internships and jobs… the countdown really has begun. I’m currently trying to work out how my aim of moving down to Melbourne is going to work logistically… money, a place to stay down there and a job down there all seem to be getting in the way. All I know is that from what I’ve heard about Melbourne, it would suit me to the ground… so that is my goal. We’ll just have to see if I make it!

I’ve been inspired to start this blog up again by a few things. One, I really feel like I need to get myself up to date and push myself into this world of social media… for my future in public relations as well as the fact that this is just where it seems the world is heading. Two, a few of my friends are actually doing a social media subject, which I turned my nose up at, because I thought I had a handle on that stuff. But I also want to try and keep up with what they are doing in class… like blogging every week. Lets see if I can do it! And three… well, I just enjoyed this so much while I was traveling, I think I need to get over my embarrassment of writing about people I’m living around, and just write. What a great thing to be able to look back on!

There is loads more to say, of course, but since I will be writing again, I won’t cram it all into one post. So farewell until next time,



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