21 Mar

I don’t know why, but I seem to have nothing to do at the moment. I mean yes, I could be doing uni work… but you know, my thinking goes along these lines: I’ve still got three days left on that assignment, lots of time! Then in three days you’ll find me stressed out of my mind, wondering why on earth I didn’t do the silly thing last weekend when I had nothing to do! Luckily for me, I tend to do amazing work under pressure.

Yesterday found me waking up early (a curse at the moment, can’t for the life of me sleep in!) realising what a beautiful sunny Saturday it was, and not one thing I could think of doing that would make use of it. So instead, I went down to Annabel’s pub and sat there (inside) chatting with her. Then wandered around the new shopping centre (inside) to buy a present for Lia. Then went home (inside) and read the newspaper. Seriously Tash, you couldn’t do one thing outside??

My one shift of the week was last night, and thankfully it flew by. One of the regulars at the pub was getting engaged, so there was a huge party out in the back bar. Busy busy busy, and also a bit of a laugh, as the guy who was getting engaged, Scott, was trying very hard all night to set up a date with me and his brother in law to be. Hilarious, this poor guy was so embarrassed!



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