Social Media

30 Mar

Today we had a great lecture by the ex CSU student, Paull Young. Beyond interesting, Paul did a great job of overviewing social media, and his case studies grabbed the classes interest. It’s even more impressive when a lecturer can keep students’ riveted when not even there in person!

Have a look at the link below (update: the embed code doesn’t seem to work now that I’ve moved this post to WordPress)

Paull Young on Social Media from Paull Young on Vimeo.

Thanks so much to Paull for such an inspiring presentation, and it also makes me hopeful for my future as a graduate of Charles Sturt in a few months time! Uni at this point is rushing by at top speed, it’s hard to believe we get a break at the end of next week! Oh, and in exciting news, I managed to pick up an opportunity to help out at the Bluesfest up in Byron Bay over the Easter weekend, helping organise media and interviews with the artists! I thought there was no chance there would be anything left this close to the festival, but on a whim emailed the publicity director. Just goes to show that you should always take a chance and try! You never know.

I’ve also started to contact PR agencies in Melbourne and Sydney, enquiring about longer internships. Just a bit nerve racking, but lets hope all goes well. At least my course is preparing me well, with mock interviews and applications last week. My course coordinator Donald and tutor Sharon had nothing bad to say about my interview, which is a huge confidence boost, since they’re both very experienced in the public relations industry. We’re also heading out to Sydney on Thursday for a two day tour of public relations companies in the city, including Cox Inall , Ogilvy and Burson-Marsteller . Should be really interesting!


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