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Travellers Tales

11 May

Rather a lot has happened since I last wrote here – I’ve laughed, cried, said a lot of goodbyes and some fantastic hellos. I’ve voluntarily headed into unemployment (hopefully short-lived) and travelled halfway across the world back to the country where I was born. All in all, a rather busy time!

Saying goodbye to Australia was hard, but saying hello to the UK has been brilliant, even in the short week and a half that I’ve been here. Spending time with my brother’s gorgeous family just reiterated to me why I made the decision to come back over here, and I have to say that while England is often cold, grey and rainy, it is also pretty grand as well. Walking through Kensington Gardens, with the collar of my coat pulled up around my ears, my breath fogging up my glasses and wind stinging my exposed nose, I stopped for a moment and just took in the long path ahead of me, framed by green trees, with squirrels running across the path and a palace in the background and just went – wow. Australia is still home, but England is a very close second.

So the next thing on the agenda is to find a job. I’m looking in the social media space (which I’m still very very passionate about), but ideally with a company and projects that have a socially responsible focus or creative focus. The key for me is that I’d like to be either helping people in some way, shape or form, or being a part of something that is creative and interesting. Best of all would be both of those together, but I do realise that is slightly idealistic! But we all can dream.

For now – I think I’m going to go take my computer, head outside, find a cool cafe and enjoy an unusually sunny day in London. Did I say that England was grey and cold? Well, today is the exception… and hopefully it will become the rule.