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The importance of ethics

2 Mar

So a couple of days ago I passed my three month milestone with the Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence team. The time has just flown and I can’t say enough how much I’ve enjoyed it. The clients are exciting, the projects are groundbreaking and I’m learning so much all the while being able to apply many of the skills I learned previously.

One of the most interesting parts of my ‘new’ job has been the insight into the world of blogging and the issues AND opportunities associated with outreaching to bloggers. I had the chance within my first week in the team to reach out to several Sydney bloggers and invite them down to an event where I was able to meet and chat to them. It was hugely rewarding and also gave me a really insight into some basic points about what makes a successful influencer program – outreach with something unique and relevant to the topic of their blog or their interest area. This leads into the current project which I’m very excited to be working on…

Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence created a Blogger Code of Ethics (download and view it here) back in 2007, which we always adhere to when we outreach to bloggers. I’ve found it really rewarding working with a company that uses this ethical basis as the pivotal basis of their work, and the response from bloggers has always been overwhelmingly positive. This is why I jumped on the opportunity to take charge of a refresh of our code of ethics – updating it to take into account changes in the blogging space (and there have been many since 2007) and modify it to be more relevant to the Australian blogging community.

The changes will be made after consultation and feedback from Australian bloggers (who else?). You can read more about the initiative on my Ogilvy blog post here, and see some of the brilliant feedback we’ve already received in the comments. Other bloggers have chosen to email me. All have raised new points and interesting points about the public relations/media industry/blogger relationship.

The first Aussie Blogger Conference is on the 19th of March and we’re planning to be able to show the ‘Aussified’ and updated Code of Ethics then.

In other news, life runs by just as crazily. Heading back to uni this week has so far been extremely fun – it seems I started off last sememster with two of the most challenging subjects in accounting and economics, and having scraped through those I’m being rewarded with a subject that is everything I hoped for when I decided to head back to uni to do an MBA. Actually meeting the people in my class in weekly group projects and having lively discussions  – ahhh, bliss. But maybe talk to me again in a few weeks when the assignments start to hit…